Episode 31

031 Patrick Hill - The Creator’s Economy & Creativity in the Digital World

Patrick Hill is the Founder and CEO of Disctopia, a streaming platform for creatives. Disctopia is a hosting and streaming service dedicated to curated artists, podcasters, film directors, and content creators seeking freedom with simple merchandising integration. Patrick is doing some amazing work combining original content, education, and merchandising not only in the U.S., but across the globe.

Today, Patrick joins the show to discuss the Creator’s Economy, his journey from banking to launching a content streaming service, and the importance of consistency.

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Key Takeaways

01:05 – Jeff takes a moment to talk about gratitude

04:38 – Jeff introduces today’s guest, Patrick Hill, who joins the show to discuss his journey from the banking industry to launching his own streaming platform (SaaS company)

14:09 – Patrick’s background in music and the experience of launching Disctopia

18:21 – The Creator’s Economy

26:23 – Jeff takes a moment to thank one of today’s sponsor, Champion Leadership Group

27:07 – Challenges Patrick has overcome in building a SaaS company

33:12 – Multi-lingual and multi-currency

39:00 – The importance of consistency

40:52 – Patrick speculates on the future of Disctopia and creativity in the digital world

43:11 – How to differentiate yourself as a SaaS company competing with larger companies

45:54 – Where listeners can go to connect with Patrick and learn more about Disctopia

47:10 – Jeff thanks Patrick for joining the show and sharing his insights and resources

Tweetable Quotes

“We have just been tapping into the creator’s economy. How can we give everyone a way to monetize their content. We all know that digital content is really at the surface of where we’re going. As we just saw, currency is going digital. People are going digital in the Metaverse. Everything we do is going digital.” (10:26) (Patrick)

“Everyone should have the option of how they want to monetize their business model.” (13:34)(Patrick)

“I do believe that we do have an edge by starting in music, by being only focused on creatives, and being focused on the creator’s economy. Our streaming platform is focused on that at the moment. We’re gonna stay in that boat for about the next five years, until we grow out of that boat or until we need to get a bigger boat. Until then, we are really focused on helping people start a digital business, be it their voice or their face on a video.” (17:47) (Patrick)

“Most entrepreneurs and podcasts have one brand; it’s themselves. I tell people, ‘At some point you’re not a podcaster or an artist; you’re a business.’” (22:01) (Patrick)

“The biggest difference about global content creation and U.S.-based content creation is that there is no structure globally.” (34:59) (Patrick)

“Consistency is everything. Consistency is key in podcasting because you just have to keep going and you’ll get better at it. Consistency is key in music because of the concentration of how many artists there are.” (40:01) (Patrick)

“If they’re blessed enough, everybody has two ears and two eyes. And you only have twenty- four hours a day. Typically, eight hours of that is consumed by dreams. So, you really gotta make good content, get it out there, and be consistent with it.” (40:37) (Patrick)

Guest Resources

Patrick’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/acmceo/

Disctopia – https://disctopia.com/

Disctopia Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/playdisctopia

Disctopia Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/disctopia/

Disctopia Twitter – https://twitter.com/disctopia

Disctopia YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFlJZgOwl2ciRP74f5irPQ

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