Episode 13

013 Jonathan B. Fishbeck - Two Inches Wide and Two Miles Deep

Founder and CEO of EstateSpace, Jonathan Fishbeck joins the show to speak to the work he is doing to simplify Estate Management by bringing families together and facilitating communication and business. In addition to his tech roles, Jonathan serves in a number of philanthropic organizations where his passion for helping veterans, children, and blood cancer research shines through.

Today, Jonathan shares his experience as a three-time founder, the value of going deep and focusing on a niche market, and why sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up.

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Key Takeaways

01:07 – Jeff introduces today’s guest, Jonathan B. Fishbeck, who joins the show to discuss what inspired him to launch EstateSpace

06:40 – Three keys to simplifying Estate Management

10:11 – Focusing on going deep rather than wide with a complete business operations platform

14:18 – Does everyone need an Estate Plan?

18:59 – A true bootstrapped founder

20:53 – The number one piece of advice Jonathan would give to founders

23:59 – Slowing down to speed up

31:08 – Jonathan’s ‘Why’

32:48 – Current projects Jonathan is working on

38:02 – Jeff thanks Jonathan for joining the show and lets listeners know where to learn more about EstateSpace

Tweetable Quotes

“Because we were a services business, I found that that’s been our strongest advantage becoming a SaaS platform. Knowing the problem intimately and being able to solve for our experiences, our clients’ experiences, that’s really led us to where we are today.” (06:16) (Jonathan)

“The challenge is trust. The challenge is connecting. A lot of these companies are amazing but they can’t connect to their buyer. A lot of these service providers are great, but they might not have a level of high trust. And so, I think with our background and our approach, we do all of the due diligence and then we allow the individual to make the choice if they would like to reach out and let them decide.” (13:08) (Jonathan)

“We now know where we need to spend money in order to accelerate the business both from a product and sales and marketing perspective. So I think, for that, it makes sense to help us continue to scale out in years to come.” (19:48) (Jonathan)

“From a pretty early age in my life, I always kinda knew this is what I wanted to do because I want to change the world. I want to leave a long-lasting impact that far outlives me. And, I’ve always felt that the best way to get there is to become a founder, go do something, forge a path. And I’m doing that now. I’m living my dream and that’s really cool.” (23:35) (Jonathan)

“I’ve found that my ‘Why’ is the same personally and professionally, which is to help people.” (31:22) (Jonathan)

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EstateSpace – https://estatespace.com/

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